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LayerWorks rPLA Filament 1.75mm

LayerWorks rPLA Filament 1.75mm

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LayerWorks PLA is the perfect choice for beginners or advanced users alike, providing superior print quality and low warping, ever without bed heat. LayerWorks rPLA25 is made with 25% recycled content by weight for a greener option for additive manufacturing. Recycled material is sourced from a combination of post industrial and post consumer sources.

"Random" color is the result of random combinations of reprocessed materials and is not guaranteed between spools.

"Black" color contains 25% recycled material but is colored black for a consistent color with recycled content. 

Recommended Temperatures:

Hotend: 200-220°C
Bed: 20-65°C
Enclosure not required 

Drying Specification
50°C for 4 hours


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