About Us

Mission Statement

LayerWorks Solutions is on a mission to create the highest quality FDM 3D printing filaments in the US. Our goal is to empower and promote Additive Manufacturing as a practical manufacturing method by providing a full range of filaments suitable for any application, from rapid prototyping and modeling, all the way to high preformance end use parts. LWS focuses on bringing easy to print and highly functional materials to market as well as offering more sustainable and ecologically conscious options by developing high quality filaments that include recycled content to promote closing the plastic loop and contributing to a circular economy.

Company History

LayerWorks Solutions was started by makers for makers. The company was founded in a college apartment initially starting as a print service by printing for props for cosplayers, and an on demand print service for anyone who needed something 3D printed. As we expanded and the print service gained traction, we began manufacturing our own filaments and colors to offer prints in. It was found that in house filament was so much better than any other filaments we had used up to that point and we decided that we needed to share this incredible range of color and drastic improvement in print quality with the larger maker community to help everyone get the most out of their 3D printers.