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FiberWorks Basalt Fiber rPETG Filament 1.75mm

FiberWorks Basalt Fiber rPETG Filament 1.75mm

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PETG (PolyEthylene Terepthalate Glycol modifed) is a common material used in FDM 3D printing for it's excellent printability and tougher properties. Commonly used in place of ABS, PETG is a good alternative if you need a stronger material for functional components and prototypes, but dont have an enclosed or high temperature machine setup.

Recommended Temperatures:
Hotend: 245-255°C
Bed: 70-80°C
Enclosure not required
Hardened steel nozzle required, 0.4mm diameter nozzle minimum

Drying Specifications:
60°C for 4 hours

FiberWork's Basalt Fiber PETG is extremely abrasive and will damage most common nozzle types. Its recommended to switch to a hardened steel nozzle for any printing with this material.

FiberWorks rPETG BF10 is made with 100% post-industrial recycled PETG compounded with 10% basalt fiber by weight for extra stiffness and durability.


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